Saturday, November 1, 2014


We laughed 
We cried
We sang and
We danced
But today you took a little of my heart and you went away
I will always miss you
Your smile
Will be with me always
Rest now 
You fought the good fight
But the monster took you away
Love you to the moon and back
My friend 


  1. so beautiful.. and she loved you to the moon and back too...I know because she told me so :) live in the joy of her life not the pain of her loss xx

  2. Beautiful Ang , Leanne loved you to the moon and back , your friendship was a special one , she loved you and adored you , you were her rock . I am sorry for your loss , but the memories you shared will fill your heart with much love . Her smile lite up a room with those big dimples .. RIP our beautiful friend and may she fly with the angels and be the bright shining star from heavens above ... Lots of love Leisa xox <3

  3. Oh Angela - after the beautiful time of last weekend you now have the sorrow of this one. There was a lot of love shared between you both - I'm sure you will share that love again. (( hugs ))
    Take. Care

  4. Sorry to hear about your beautiful friend. My thoughts are with you xx

  5. I am so sorry for your loss my dear friend! May she find peace and light in the Summerland! My heart goes to you! Many hugs!!!

  6. oh Angela. Life is just plain not fair at time. ((HUGS)) lots of love Leanne

  7. Not unexpected, but always a hit to the heart, no matter how we prepare, it is never enough. Sending my condolences and some hugs.

  8. Sending love by the bucket full dear Angela. Cry your heart out darling xxx

  9. Oh, my heart breaks with yours. i know she will forever be a part of your thoughts. She is with you in your heart. Sending you love and many many hugs.

  10. Oh Bugger..... I prayed for a miracle all along. So sorry Angela. My heart is with you. many hugs friend. Sue xx