Saturday, November 22, 2014

The mockingjay part 1

Today hubby and I had a date day and we went and saw this movie.
I have read all the books, and during our trip around Australia I downloaded them on audio book and we both listened to them in the car.
He was hooked.
So off we went today and watched this in gold class.
I was very impressed. It was very close to the book and I loved it.
If you haven't read the books. I highly recommend them. If you can't be bothered or not a reader get the first two movies and give them a look, then go and see this one.
It has finished at a perfect spot and will keep all the fans on the edge of their seats. 
I really like this and even though I know the end, I just cannot wait for the final movie.
I really want to see it NOW lol
See ya 

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