Thursday, February 12, 2015

A harvest bounty

This is what hubby and I harvested today.  We have truly been blessed. For years I have done the growing and harvesting on my own but hubby has had to help me since I got sick. I think he is hooked. All that hard work is paying off lol
How has your havest been? 


  1. It's beautiful.

    Could you use a bigger font, perhaps?

    1. I'll try. I'm not sure how to do that but I will investigate xx

  2. When you write the post (or paste it if you do like I and write it in Word) on Blogspot, you simply select the large font, or, if you paste your text from another program, you can put your curser somewhere in your text, go to "select all" (under your edit bar), and then select the large font in Blogspot. The button you use to select font size looks like Tt, and it's way over to the left side of the Blospot button bar.

  3. that looks so good and so fresh, enjoy that corn especially, my mouth is watering!!