Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In the library

I know some people don't like technology. And I know a lot of people love to read books. Most of these people love to hold and have a physical book to read from. I used to be one of these people. But I gave kindle a go. I have the app on my iPad and I love it. I also have iBooks and audio books and I'm just as in love with them. Here are some of my recent purchases. I still love to have a book in my hand but when I was constantly going to hospital with Leanne. It was much easier to just have the iPad and everything I needed to keep me occupied those many hours was in one little place. 
Also been forgetful when I see a book I want, I can go instantly to Amazon and purchase it download it and be reading it moments later.
So if you have never read a book on a tablet. Give it a go. You might find you enjoy the experience. 
Next time I'll talk about audio books. I know some out there have discover them and love them. 
I'll share my story with you soon, until then have a great day
See ya xx


  1. I love my kindle and never read a lot until I got mine...now I read all the time :)

  2. still like paper between my hands, but also have a Kobo as well.