Saturday, February 7, 2015

Little things growing

Sure and steady it's getting bigger and bigger

I'm marking when I start a new ball of yarn so I know how many I use and if I decide to make a smaller version I'll know how many balls I'll need. 
It's getting easier and easier to know the next step in the pattern and by looking at the shawl I instantly know what I need to do next.
Hopefully soon I'll post a pic of the finished product. I might even model for you lol
I'm off to a baby shower this afternoon so have a great weekend everyone
See ya


  1. that is so pretty. Have a good time at the baby shower. Do they know if its a boy or a girl?

    1. Hello Gill. The baby shower was lots of fun. And no we don't know. We all have to wait until it's born which could be anytime lol

  2. It's funny how if you are enjoying a particular 'thing' it takes no time at all to finish. The shawls have a feathery look to them. You were right about your mum liking the first one. I think she will.
    Great idea about marking the end of the ball!