Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunny Saturday agenda

Today's agenda includes planting all these. But first I have to get the winter crops out. 
The boys are back and things are taking shape 
And I hope to keep working on this at some point. 
Throw in a visit from a friend some washing and a BBQ dinner and our Saturday is looking kinda full. 
I hope I hVe the energy to get through it all lol
What are your plans today?
Have a great day everyone 
See ya xx


  1. That looks like a very busy day, take it one bite at a time! I do love your teapot and the variegated yarn!

  2. Wow, girl. You have had an energy burst. i don't think I could do that much in a week. LOL.
    I harvested all but 1 sunflower. The last one will be saved for seed. Played with the baby chicks. Ordered Pizza. :) Have a great day. E :)

  3. Ohhhh that's so pretty!!! You are so talented!