Sunday, September 13, 2015

A wonderful day

This morning we had a sleep in and boy was it wonderful. Then we went out for a brunch and visited garden world. I'm after some bougainvillea. But apparently it's still too early for them. So home went. 
On the way we did some grocery shopping and some wine shopping and then stopped off at a nursery right near our home. Now you know. You always mean to go but you just never do right!
Well. We went in to see what they and and walked out with this pot and this Vulcan magnolia 
Love magnolias and have always wanted one 
Not the cheapest of purchases but how good does it look. And it matches the smaller pots I have in th new pergola area. Perfect 
Now this is what my afternoon will consist of. Hubby will join me as soon as he has finished doing whatever it is he is doing and we will just relax and enjoy this magnificent weather. 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 
See ya


  1. Love the magnolia! See? If you had been successful at the first place, you might never have stopped - Kismet!

  2. Yes it was certainly meant to be that you would bring home that magnificent pot and the magnolia! That plate of 'grazing' food for a lazy Sunday afternoon looks yum too :-)