Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday update

Here are the gardens after to pulled out what was finished producing and planting all my seedlings 
I even and to put some in pots I had so much and I gave some away to Leanne's dad. There was so much 
The boys have finished the bones of the outdoor room. Next week they will come back and either do the roof or the fencing round. I'm not sure but slowly it's getting done 
I feed all the plants I pulled out to the chickens. They loved it. But they were full and there is still some left. I'm sure they will get through it in a few days lol 
And today I got these for th grandbaby. I couldn't resist.  Are they not so very cute  
I also manage to do another row on th shawl. So I had a very productive day. Very soon I will be putting myself to bed. I really need a sleep in. Hopefully I'll get one tomorrow. 
See ya xxx


  1. Ohhhh these are adorable!! They are made for baby hugs!!!

  2. Everything is looking great at your house Angela. The outdoor room is going to be lovely!

    I don't know about you but I feel awful when I pull plants out of the beds. The chooks don't mind at all though! I have pulled out all my spring onions, sweet potatoes and capsicums and started replacing them with new plants. The chooks are enjoying the old kale from last summer :)

    I cant believe one month of Spring has gone by already and I still haven't got everything done in the garden. I am hoping to finish some things this week, the weather is warming up now.


  3. Let the growing begin! You better take it easy tomorrow - maybe your body will insist, come morning.