Monday, March 21, 2016

The Easter bunny must die!

Well maybe not the Easter bunny. But the ones around here. This one was just casually sitting in my drive way this morning 
This is the hole one decided to start in my rose garden IN THE BACK YARD. 
My two square garden beds which I planted all those packets of seeds into. Have come to naught.  
They all sprouted and looked wonderful and then over night. Gone yup bunnies thought I had laid out a smorgasbord for them. The seedlings keep trying. But they just keep coming and helping themselves. The dogs just don't bother them at all 
This poor little rose was planted this year. It's continuously got new growth but in a week or two. They come back and chomp it. It's like they know 
And this is how they are getting in. When we built the big outdoor room part of the fence came down and we have been using the old pool fence to keep the dogs in. The whole fence is earmarked for replacing. But we have been waiting for more funds. You know how it is. With weddings and all. 
So hopefully soon we will build the new fence and my poor little baby plants will have a chance to grow. 
Naughty bunny. Keep it up and I'll make you into a stew!
See ya 


  1. I'm sure that is frustrating. :(

  2. How annoying...the little pests! I was thinking about Mr McGregor and his battles with Peter Rabbit the other day when I was examining the damage done by the possums in my veggie patch...they nibble the tomato plants and eat ALL of the parsley. Luckily we seem to have no rabbits here in suburbia...they are even banned as pets in Qld. My real problems are the bush turkeys and the fruit bats...grrrrr. Lol

  3. Yes the struggle is very real. Frustrating