Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter show Rushworth

The town we are staying at had an Easter show and parade so we all went down to enjoy it 
There were lots of old steam powered machinery displayed 
Hubby loved this kind of stuff and as usual started chatting to one of the older men who owned this machine and found out all sorts of information that I just don't understand. But the menfolk did so that's good lol 
The parade started at one. So we found a nice grassy spot to sit and watch. First up was this lovely lass. On her horse and carrying our flag. 
Then Clydesdale horses pulling this coach and lots more horses pulling all sorts of carriages. Even some donkeys 
Some older cars, trucks and other automobiles. 
And a couple of steam powered ones. It was all very exciting 

The SES had a few of their trucks and things in the parade. Here is paddy the platypus in the little tinny
After the parade we left but I'm sure the locals all stayed longer and enjoyed the rest of the day. 
It was a lovely day and was nice to get involved with the local community 
See ya xxx

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  1. Looks to be a perfect day for it! I just love all that old stuff, what fun!