Friday, March 11, 2016

A slow steady kinda week

I've been busy just working on my projects this week. The shawl is almost done 
The blanket I made using up the extra squares if you look yourself see a boo boo. But I don't think the person getting will care lol 
And this week a friend who has breast cancer ask me for some " wog vegetable soup " lol just like her grandmother made so I've made her some which I will give to her today. 
Only one week till my son gets married. 
It's been a busy year lol have a lovely weekend everyone 
See ya xxx


  1. The shawl looks lovely, I always liked that pattern.
    Ha Ha, You have a 'Where's Waldo kind of afghan, cool!
    You do have an awful lot going on there, take time to breathe.

  2. The happy day is almost here. Try not to stress out about things!! I loved your creations. Took me a while to realize what you

  3. The shawl is absolutely stunning, Angela, as is the crocheted blanket...beautiful work! As a Italian/Aussie I know 'wog food'' is the best! Lol