Thursday, March 1, 2018

First of March

The first of March and it’s the first day of autumn here 
The day was cooler than we have been having. But by the afternoon the sun did come out 
The leaves haven’t started to turn yet 
So I guess we still have some summer yet 
But this is my favourite season 
The days are frosty in the morning, sunny during the day and cool at night 
I can’t believe the year is going so fast 
Soon our new granddaughter will be here 
Only a few months to go, and Melody will be a big sister 
Time really does fly
It was only last week that her mother was a little girl. 
The wheel continues to turn and I can watch myself againg in the mirror! 
But really. Would we have it any other way 
See ya xxx


  1. Best time of the year , spring and autumn!

  2. Time goes faster as we get older. It's raining here, the lawn is ready for its first mowing...
    That new baby will be here in no time! Life will change ...again!

  3. Oh New baby !! What a blessing... Are you well my sweet sister?

    1. Hello. Yes very well. Glad your back. Hope all is good with you xxx

  4. Your training is intense... Swimming Takes a lot out of you... Babies take more. I am glad you are doing good!!

  5. Hubby and I really love Autumn as well.

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