Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The little things

I’m still here. 
Still swimming everyday, mostly. 
I did sleep in one morning the other week. So I must of needed it 
Easter is coming. So getting organised for that. Aussie Easter this weekend and Greek Easter the next 
Weight loss is now 15 kilos down and only one to go to reach my target. 
Have been buying new clothes. Oh my goodness. But I needed all new stuff 
This time I’m not hanging onto my fat clothes. So now even if I gain a few kilos I’ll know straight away. 
These will no longer fit! 
It is fun to go shopping again. I used to love shopping for new clothes. 
But having children, budgets and then weight and health issues kinda took the fun outta of it 
I’m remembering who I was before I was a wife and mother. 
That’s got to be a good thing. 
Busy few weeks coming up. And then we will be awaiting the arrival of the new granddaughter 
My baby girl has only six weeks, approximately, to go! 
Life is good right now! 
Hope yours is too 
See ya xxx


  1. Sounds very positive. Have fun buying some new clothes and good on you for throwing out the old.
    Don't go mad over these two Easters. Two busy weeks, eating hot cross buns and roast lamb.....

    1. Oh no. I won’t be doing anything silly.
      I’ve worked too hard for that
      Thanks xx