Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter long weekend

Today is good Friday. Well it isn’t for Greeks and those of the Eastern Orthodox religion
But that’s another story
anyway. It’s a long weekend here in Australia and being that it’s good Friday it means the 
Royal children’s hospital good Friday appeal is on 
There is an all day telethon that’s starts very early and continues until very late at night 
Some people collect money for this one appeal all year! But today lots of people are out with collection tins and organising 
Activities and all sorts of things to rise money for our children’s hospital. 
It’s a tradition that began way back in the early 1930’s and is one that is very close to all victorians hearts 

This Sunday we fall back on our clocks and daylight savings ends 

I know lots of people who don’t like daylight savings. But I do. 
It makes waking up early to go swim much easier and it’s nice to have hubby come home while it’s still daylight. 
Having said that. I do enjoy the shorter days. 
Closing up the house at night, putting lots of wood in the fire and snuggling under a blanket while watching television 
Is my idea of bliss. 
So everyone in Victoria and NSW will need to remember to adjust their clocks before going to bed 
Saturday night 

and of course. As we start to go within for the darker, colder months it’s time to 
Do the bi-annually washing of the windows. 
Which is so much more than Windows. We have had shocking dry hot winds bringing lots of dust and dirt
So I’ve had to wait until those were all over. 
Everything was just covered. And the spiders must of decided it was cooler near my windows because there were massive colonies 
Since hubby is home he helped me move everything and while he took care of the cobwebs, I preceded to wash down the windows, walls, and everything else!
Looks much better now 

So there you are. A busy day today for lots of people. 
and it’s only the first day of the four day weekend! 
We have lots planned over the next few days. So stay tuned! 
Have a lovely day and enjoy your time off 
See ya xxx


  1. Happy Easter holidays....for your first Easter anyway. Still cool enough to snuggle here. Hope it states that way for a while though I'm already wearing short sleeves during the day

  2. I've been both an Episcopalian and a Roman Catholic, and it's Good Friday for them too.

    I didn't know that you too went through the widely hated time change twice a year. It's at least a little more acceptable in the Spring.

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