Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Catch up

The weeks are flying by so quickly 
Although for my baby girl maybe not so fast. 
Here is her baby bump, she has about ten days until she is due. 
By now most of us were well and truly over being pregnant and eagerly waiting to meet the new little 
Bundle of joy
I’m such a bad granny. I have the yarn to make a new blanket but I haven’t even started! 
Just so busy lately 

And here is Melody. She loves collecting rocks and giving them to her uncle Mathew 
Even being on the phone at work won’t stop her delivering her find. 

He accepts them with grace and she’s happy about that, but as soon as she’s gone they go back outside lol 
Can’t blame him. He would have quite the collection by now if he didn’t lol 

Carpet has been chosen and we wait for an installation date 
It’s not as easy as you think, wonderson has a “mate” who can purchase the carpet and he will lay it for us 
It’s a huge savings doing it this way. Only thing is. We have to wait until he can fit us in 
So for a massive saving, we wait. 

Today is ANZAC Day. 
A day we remember those that fell during the war. 
Specifically at Gallipoli, and generally for all those that made the ultimate sacrifice 
Lest we forget 

So lots going on here. 
I’m still swimming every week morning 
Keeping the weight off, now I’ve reached my goal.
And while redecorating trying to get organised for our trip up north in a few months 

I’ll keep you all posted on all the exciting developments as they happen 
Have a good one 
See ya xxxxx

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  1. Lots of excitement coming up, carpets and baby! Hope the carpets come quickly and you can take a breather and enjoy the new baby. Melody oh so cute!