Saturday, April 28, 2018

On today’s menu

Lately I have been feeling the cold. 
Don’t know if it’s because I’m doing too much and about to crash,
Or it’s just that I’ve lost weight and fingers crossed, I’m over the worst of the menopause. 

Anyway. We have lit the fire and it’s a lovely warmth coming from it 
So hopefully the house will soon be much cosier 

So I’m planning to stay in bed and work on this
My call the midwife blanket for the new granddaughter coming any time now

With a hot coffee, and some videos
A slow, warming, good for the heart and soul day 
See ya xxx


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I've been feeling the chill in the air too & not loving it. Enjoy x

    1. I think I’m getting old lol
      Stay warm xx

  2. You're not wrong Angela it is cold! Sunny days yes but cold overnight. Some real doozies coming up early next week - 5 & 4 overnight here where I am. You're in the right place - snug as a bug in a rug as the old saying used to go.
    Sometimes I wish we had an fire like yours - theses days I'm happy to turn the switch and watch the gas flames flicker in our make believe log fire :)
    Pink for a girl - how does the mum feel about that?

    1. She choose it. So I’m good lol love the fire. But yes. These days I could do with just flicking a switch

    2. I am the same now. I should be warm but I am cold. It is either weight loss or blood thinners. The blanket is beautiful And amazed 2girls. You are going to have some fun. Tessa is going to have another Oct 31. So another one in our future. Hugs.