Monday, April 16, 2018

And so, it begins

The painters have arrived. 
Meet one on Friday at bunnings and purchased the paint 
Hubby and I spent the weekend moving all the heavy stuff into the middle of the rooms to make life a little easier 
On the men 
They have covered everything and and busy getting on with it 

For now. Just half the house will be painted 
Then new carpets will be installed 

And I’ve got my eye on some new furniture 
This is will be a huge change 
Most of the furniture is over twenty years old! 
So a makeover was well over due. 
Probably be the last one before we are too old to live here anymore, or die 
Either way if it lasts twenty more years I’ll be happy 
Once this half is done. The second half will begin 
Going to be a busy few months
But I’m sure it will be worth it. 
I’ll keep you posted 
See ya xxx


  1. wow,can't wait to see when it done.
    Coffee is on

  2. I realise you're not actually doing the work but don't forget to rest. Im sure the upheaval of house and home will 'take it out of you' mentally as well as physically each day.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  3. How exciting. The cats must be enjoying all the things to explore under.

  4. A lot of work but sounds as though the result will be more than worth it. Don't overdo it !