Saturday, July 21, 2018

Uluru and the Olga’s

Today we did a Segway tour with a ver knowledgeable guide omg. It was so much fun 

Even if you did have to wear all the safety gear lol 
Here is Jody and I on the rock 

We finished our tour and had some lunch at the cafe 
We then headed off to the Olga’s 
I took one last pic of the rock and noticed that bright thing in the sky. I look at the air and there was nothing there 

Here is a screenshot of a close up. 
Pretty sure I got a shot of a meteor 
There were no planes in the sky 
Was pretty impressed with myself lol 

At the Olga’s we walked to the second lookout 
The first lookout was 1.2 kilometres then 1.6 to the second. 
Then we had to come back!
So all up 5.6 kilometres of trekking over rocks, up cliffs and back down!

It was approximately a 2.5 hour round trip. We did it in 2
Pretty proud I did it at all!
Anyway. Here are the rocks. Only a small view. If you ever come here   Visit the Olga’s and do the Segway tour. I highly recommend it. 
But for now dinner is done
Dishes are done 
I’m showered and ready for bed 
I’m exhausted 
See ya xxx


  1. I have seen these type of Segway tours at various places here in Canada and the States, never been on one, may have to give it a try.

    1. Do It! It’s sooooo much fun and it only takes about ten minutes to get confident on the things. It’s that easy

  2. That was a great capture of the meteor. I hope it landed safely. You did good walking and climbing that far. I am so happy for you. Is this is the same place you went to last time? But did not walk on.

    1. Yes. We did visit the Olgas last time and Uluru
      I didn’t do any walking around the Olgas just kinda drove around to see them
      Didn’t climb Uluru this time or last
      The traditional owners don’t like it and it’s really high and hard
      After next October you won’t be allowed to clime it any more

  3. Australia has some incredible places and scenery. You're having one helluva holiday!
    That meteor photo is something else. Fantastic shot

    1. Thank you. I’d like to think it was planned but it was all just pot luck lol