Saturday, July 28, 2018

Making do with what you have

One of my friends from swimming, Anne, gave me an old antique dolls bed. 
It was looking it age and has one dowel missing but I was very happy to receive it 
Another swimming friend, Diane, painted it with some antique white and it came up a treat 

So when I got new carpet I saved some of the underlay 

And found some bright orange fabric in my stash 

And made a mattress and bumper. 
I trimmed the bumper with some lace I had

Add one pillow

And dolly has a new bed. 
The blanket is one I bought from the reject shop that cost $8.00. 
And that’s all the money I spent 
I hope melody likes it. 
I’ll probably crochet a pretty blanket to put on top out of whatever I have 
And viola! 
Probably not a nice as a new bought one, but I’m hopeful that when she’s older Melody will appreciate 
All the work that went into it and will cherish it once I’m gone 

Hope you all like it 
See ya xxx


  1. Bet she'll love it! You did a wonderful job. A family heirloom to be!

  2. How lovely! If you had a friend with a lathe, he or she could replace that missing spindle, cutting it just short enough that it could slip in without falling right back out. If you glued it good, and put a small nail through the bed into either end of it (something that wouldn't be strictly necessary), it should stay put.

    1. Thank you. Only I don’t have a friend with a lathe. But I will keep an eye out of something I can use

    2. Angela, I suppose there might be a school with a shop class that you might check with.

  3. That's perfect for granddaughter!