Saturday, June 22, 2019

Crafting for the family

I’ve been busy sitting at home and working on projects for the family 
Melody loved my dragonfly blankets so I’ve made one for her and one for Brianna 
I’ve almost finished the boarder on this on and then I have to put the boarder on the other one
And the girls can take them home 

My daughter in law liked my wreaths so asked if I could make one for her door 
She didn’t want a seasonal one. Just something nice for the front door. So I looked through 
Pinterest and got some ideas 

This is what I came up with
I used a picture frame, made the bow, and bought the word love and painted it white 
I glued all the foliage and decorations after taking apart the frame and adding the lights 

I’ve shown her the pic and she liked it. She also game me permission to share it with y’all lol

The weather is very cold and we have the fire roaring. 
It’s nice and warm under the blanket so working on those is not a chore 
Hope the weather is nice where you are
Enjoy the rest of the weekend 
See ya xxx


  1. Oooohhhh if you ever run out of projects you should definitely make the kids some car blankies ��

  2. You are amazing. Very artistic!! The girls blankets are lovely.

  3. I like the shade of colors in the blanket.
    Coffee is on

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