Monday, June 3, 2019


Trixie had her de-sexing operation today 
I’m a mess 
It was bad enough not knowing how she was going. 
But now she home she is not a happy camper 
I’ve put her in her pen but I’m right here 
I was hoping she would be very very sleepy at least till tomorrow 
But she’s fighting that as well 
Looks like it’s going to be a long night 
I know in the end this is the best. 
But I’m. Really good at this. I’d much rather be the patient than watch a loved one go through pain 
At least she’s got good medication. 
That I will unfortunately have to get down her throat 
Any advice would be much appreciated 
See ya xxx


  1. Miss pops doesn't do well with pills. Would trixue take a pill with a bit if ham around it or some butter?

    I hope you girls get some sleep tonight.

    julie and Poppyq

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  3. Poor Trixie...and mum.

    Trixie will probably be fine by tomorrow. As for tablets, we used to put them {if they are small} into a doggy treat. One swallow and they were gone!

    Hope you get some sleep,