Saturday, June 1, 2019

First night without daddy

Well I survived the first night. But Trixie almost didn’t. 
She would not settle and sat on hubby’s pillow. She did doze but every noise she would sit up and patiently wait
To see if he was home. 
We got up at 2am to toilet and I decided to sleep on hubby’s side of the bed. 
She snuggled in and slept till 4.30 when she heard the cat. 
I took her outside with instructions to go wee, came in put wood on the fire, and had to answer 
A call of nature myself. By which time she had come inside. 
So I picked her up and went back into bed and we both slept till 6.30. 
I got out of bed then and fed the cats and added more fuel to the fire 
Meanwhile as she hadn’t slept peacefully all night. Trixie has plodded herself onto my lap and has gone back to sleep. 
Luckily for me I had the iPad and coffee all ready and I’ve been sitting here letting her rest 
Hopefully she has a better night tonight. 
It’s so sad. They don’t understand 
She’s really missing her daddy 
See ya xxx


  1. Poor Trixie, she is wondering where daddy is. Funny little creatures they are.

    Hubby will be cold at night at the Finke races, it can be frosty up there in the mornings this time of year. He will have a ball though. Mine hubby would love to do that trip sometime. He just said a few of his work mates have gone up to the desert race :)


    1. He’s got a huge knitted blanket I made and sleeping bag and his swag. He said he was toasty warm

  2. oh poor thing, it's hard when dad's away.....

    1. It’s very sad. You can’t explain and they don’t understand

  3. Aww. Do you have a tshirt or something with his smell on it? Maybe you could put that in the bed. I hope you get a better sleep tonight.

    1. She slept on his pillow the first night. She wasn’t as bad the second