Friday, November 8, 2019

Healing slowly

Well it’s day three post op 
The swelling has gone down heaps. But I’m a wonderful pallet of purples, blues and blacks 
The compression garment can not be taken off so bathing is done with a wash cloth and a sink of water. 
Good job I’m not going anywhere soon 

The only thing I have been able to do is crochet 

Here are some of the gifts I have been working on 
Obviously I can’t show you the whole thing as it’s a surprise for the gift getter lol 

I have been making dishcloths as I’m running low 
Left over cotton and bamboo is being used up for this 
So far I’ve been able to have ones made from the same colour but I’m sure soon I’ll be using the odds and ends 
Resulting in all sorts of combinations 
I don’t mind waste not want not I guess 

I’m doing ok 
There is pain but not unbearable 
Today I’m feeling much much better 
I’m being very good and not doing anything and I’m being well looked after by hubby 
The fur babies are giving me lots of extra love 
And really that’s all you need 
Enjoy the weekend 
See ya xxx


  1. You have been very brave - going into the unknown like that Angela. Rest up (and keep warm)

    1. Thanks. Not brave really
      Just something I’ve wanted to do for my metal and physical health

  2. Glad you're at home and crocheting.

  3. I'm so glad to hear of your progress. I haven't been either posting or visiting for a long time, or I surely would have commented before now. I too had a recent surgery, but one that was far less scary than yours. It involved taking an large, ugly brown growth from my face. As as result, I am bruised and swollen, looking as though someone punched me in the eye, but, again, it was minor compared to yours. Thank you sharing the news, as it feels good to know what you've been through.