Sunday, November 10, 2019

Garden trails

I’m not able to do much. With all the rain we have had I decided a walk around my garden would be therapeutic 

The citrus trees have flowersv

The olive tree was planted out into the ground as it got too big for its pot. It seems to like it just fine 

The area near the new fence. Lots of bushes will hopefully grow and ball that will be needed is the occasional run around with the whipper snipper 

The seedlings I planted out have all survived 

And new plants are flowering nicely 
This will grow into a medium size tree so after summer it will go into the ground 

Lots of pretty flowers 

My roses look nice even with the recent hail and wind 

I hope you enjoyed our wander around my garden today 
See ya xxx

1 comment:

  1. Yes, so many pretty flowers, and they're even familiar. I ALWAYS love your photos, and can only wish that I could click on them so as to blow them up and study them in detail.