Friday, November 29, 2019

Latest projects complete

I’m using up my stash. I am finding projects that I can use what I already have 
I’m not going to buy any more yarn until I make a huge dent in my large volume 
Of yarn 

I haven’t been going to knitting group this year as I have had the girls over on Wednesdays
So I hope to go back next year with lots of finished projects 
I also want to have things finished here for last minute presents 

The top pic of what I call my ice cream blanket is for me 
The bottom is a baby blanket that I will put away for presents 

I’ll keep sharing what I’m making 
Hope you enjoy seeing my creations 

See ya xxx


  1. I need a few crochet lessons from you. I'm stuck on the granny stitch and doubles in the back stitch. I do prefer crochet to knitting, so much faster. I need to study a few youtube videos. Your australian lass Bobwilson123 does mighty tutorials
    Your blankets are awesome!!! ftoo ftoo ftoo

    1. That’s how I learnt. You tube
      I’ll have to give Bob Wilson a look
      Thank you xx