Saturday, January 4, 2020

New year 2020

Happy new year. 
Since I last posted many things have been happening 
Firstly Australia is burning. 
Bushfires are rampant around our country and thousands of hectares 
Of bush is being destroyed 
Homes are burnt to the ground and people are being evacuated 

My daughter and her husbands family were at a holiday seaside town 
And they got the order to evacuate 
They moved to a town further away to wait and see. 

They saw the new year in and thankfully came home 

It was a stressful few days for this mumma let me tell you 

The fires are still raging 
And the army has been called in to rescue people who have been trapped on beaches as they can’t escape by land 
Even though we are three hours away by car from the fires. We have been blanketed by smoke 
The air quality will make anyone who has lung or heart issues worse. So we have been warned to stay in doors 

With all that going on 
I turned another year older 
It was lovely to receive all the birthday wishes on Facebook and privately 
But I just didn’t feel like celebrating with all that is going on 
We still have family in the fire zone. And for now they are safe 
But even though hubby wanted to take me out to dinner. I asked to just get some takeaway and stay home 

My birthday wish is for rain to break this drought 
For weather conditions to change and help our firefighters put out these fires 
And for everyone to through this alive and well. 

Please pray for our country to whoever you pray too 
Thank you 


  1. Angela our heart breaks as we watch the news each night for all the people involved and the animals. Such devastation. Our days have been hazy here and the smell from the smoke that drifted over in the past couple of days. We can't begin to imagine how bad it is there.

    We have had too much rain and wish we could send it your way.

    You are in our thoughts.

    Julie and Poppyq

  2. we are seeing all this terrible devastation on our tv's here in Canada. I am happy that you are far enough away from it. I too wish for rain for you and cooler temperatures.

  3. The fires are horrendous. I hadn't realised they were all over Australia.
    I'm glad you and your family are safe.
    We also see it on TV everyday. It's a huge catastrophe which I hope and pray soon comes to an end.
    After that, well, Angela, happy birthday. Wishing you a safe and healthy year