Sunday, February 9, 2020

Birthday girl

Yesterday we celebrated melodys fouth birthday 

Her actual birthday is on the 13th. But her num and dad had the party this weekend 

Here she is with her mum, sister Brianna and her cousin getting ready to blow out her candles 

She had a piñata but was shy about hitting it.  I guess all the talk about being kind to animals 
Has made an impact  

Brianna had a go with a little help from her dad 
In the end dad had to do it to get all the lollies out 

And this is what we got for her 
What every little girl needs. A unicorn jewellery box 
Filled with jewellery and make up. 
She is such a girlie girl 

She’s growing way too fast 
So we are treasuring every moment we get to spend with her 
Happiest of birthdays to our precious girl 
Grandma and grandpa love you so much 


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet little granddaughter. How lovely to have a party, cake and a unicorn jewellery box too. Meg:)

  2. Happy birthday to Melody. What a beautifully decorated cake.
    One of my granddaughter's had a pinata once, handmade I think, and it took many whacks to break it open. Lots of fun though when the sweets fell out.
    The jewellery box is such a perfect pressie!! Bet she's still oohing and ahhing over it.
    May all your grandchildren live long and happily.