Sunday, February 16, 2020

Got to it eventually

Many times over the last few years. I’ve warmed up something in the microwave and then burnt my 
Hands taking it out. 
I’ve seen those bowl cozy’s on blogs and Pinterest 
And I would often say to myself, I’ll make me some one day 

And then I’d forget
Until the next time I burnt my hands. 

Last night while perusing pinterest, as you do, I saw them and though right 
I’m on it 

So I pulled out my scraps and found the two biggest pieces 
I decided four would be a nice number 
So I cut out four of one and three of the other. 
Oh no. I wanted them to match. But fear not. I had a long piece the of the sane material.  I  just cut them to size and sewed the strips
Together and made a square. 
Crisis averted 

Then there was the wadding. It’s expensive this bamboo stuff so I wasn’t going to cut into my part 
Piece. Not if I could help it. 
So I got my scraps out, because as you know. I don’t throw anything away, 
And started piercing them together. 

This was time consuming. I needed eight squares of ten inches x ten inches 
Not that it mattered. It’s not like I needed them in a terrible hurry 
So while hubby watched a movie in the lounge room I was in my sewing room 
Playing jigsaws 

I finally got my eight pieces and worked out that it was nearly two meters of wadding that I needed 

Priced between $16-$20 a meter that was a huge saving I had just made 
Plus, saving on landfill and using resources to the best of my ability 
Yup. I was pretty proud of myself. Lol 

Now I had all my pieces cut up and ready to assemble 
So this morning I got into it. 
In between doing all my daily chores 
I measured and pinned and cut and viola! 

My first bowl cozy
And it’s reversible. 

Here are the four all finished 
The hardest part was the turning of them right side out 
It would of been a quick little project, except for the patchwork batting. 
But that’s ok 
I had seen the movie a number of times and I could listen to it while I worked lol 
What do you think? 

Now I have to wait for soup season so I can use them lol 
See ya xxx


  1. I've seen these on the net and they look like s great idea. All your work has made a very pleasing result.

  2. Lovely you crazy crafter! Btw I presume it was those thick pointy corners that were the problem when you were turning them? If so here’s a trick. On the offending/likely to cause problems corners o the INSIDE attach double threat securely making sure you haven’t spoiled the good side. Then sew right through the corner to the outside making sure you are right in the point! Now make the doubled thread into a chain (like in crochet). Gives you something to grip. Now, turn rightside out and pull on one corners chain! Makes them pop out much more easily. Now I may be teaching you to suck eggs and I can barely see on a button BUT my Mum was a Court Dressmaker and her work was unbelievable! What tricks she didn’t know like this one weren’t worth knowing ! And she constantly told me. Everything. And made me try to sew. (No wonder I’m useless as she was a dragon!). Anyhow I hope that story and trick helped!

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