Saturday, February 29, 2020


Last weekend we headed off to the caravan and camping show. 
We went to one a few weeks ago at geelong and we have been doing our research 
We had two vans.  One,the top one, which was called my van. As it had everything I wanted included 
The other one, the next pic, was hubby’s van. It was an off road van and could do the aussie outback. 
Two vans means two lots of insurance, registration and lots of upkeep 

So even though we didn’t think we would do any deals when we trotted off to melbourne 
We saw lots of vans and I was convinced I had it narrowed down to two
A lotus or a JB caravan.  
The sales people at the JB stand were alright. But not really helpful and kinda didn’t want to answer lots of questions. Although I did like their vans 
They just didn’t. Feel like a welcoming happy to help you kind of team. 
Which is very important for after market issues 
We then found the lotus stand and the salesman there was lovely 
He knew to sell his pitch not to the man, but to his wife. Lol 

He asked me lots of questions, he knew what hubby wanted already.  
And narrowed it down to two vans. The same vans but different floor plans 
He told me to go and look at both and decide which I preferred. 

Then we sat down to do a deal. 
Both our our vans would be traded in and some money would be exchanged. 
The amount was what we were ultimately discussing 

It was almost the end of the day 
We were tired, and we wanted to go. 
The wheeling and dealing was taking forever, or so it felt to me.
So hubby wrote a figure on a  piece of paper, with his name and number and said. 
Talk it over with your boss and ring me. 
We then left 
About half an hour later we get the call. They had accepted our offer and congratulated us on our purchase 

So now I’ve cleaned and hubby delivered the top van and today we will clean and deliver the second 
The new van, the last pic hasn’t been built yet. 
I will need to choose my colour scheme and then we wait. 
It’s very exciting to finally have our van lol 

Although it looks like we bought an impulse buy,  we really have been researching for a while 
And in the end,  it was the team of salespeople and their attitude to us that won the final vote 

 Ever underestimate the power of being helpful and respectful to the wife. We really do have a huge say in 
How hubby spends his money lol 
See ya xx


  1. Fantastic!! Youre going to have some mighty holidays!!

    1. Thank you. Still lots of Australia left to see

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