Friday, October 2, 2020

Still here, but at a standstill

Today the sun came out and although it’s very very windy it’s a warmish wind 
So I stripped the bed linen and got them on the line nice and early 
I’ve been scrubbing and dusting and trying to do a spring clean 
I’m hamstrung by the stuff that’s everywhere due to still not having a finished craft room

Lockdown has hampered all sorts of things And renovations is one of them 
But the end is near. Only carpet to go in then we can assemble the shelving and I can finally start to move in 

Life has slowed right down here 
Yes still in lockdown 
Yes probably still another two to three weeks 
And assuming there isn’t a spike in new cases we might be allowed to start having a bit of a life again 

So for now I have crafting as much as I can with what I can access 
Trying to keep the nest organised as much as I can with everything everywhere 
And trying to maintain my sanity. We as much as i had before hand lol 

The weekend is going to be nice so maybe I’ll be able to spend some time out in the sun
Hope your all well safe and happy 
See ya xxx


  1. Angela - here is a news article i found and have been sharing as a bit of perspectve on COVID I hope your lockdown ends soon and you and your community can start to operate on a human scale again. When I started following your blog early this year you had only just started the craft room (i recall there was some water damage). It's been a long journey and would have been a joyous thing to have and resort to while locked down - never mind we've also learned in recent months what we can survive (and even be happy) without. Those sunlit paddo ks are beautiful - although I've lived by or on the sea all my life, what i wouldn't give for z view of something green right now! The grass is always greener...🙂

  2. You seem to have spent most of the year on lockdown. Easy for me to say this too will pass. Another 2 or 3 weeks? As they say here 'kouragio'.
    Thank goodness for a bit of sunshine. Hope you can soon get that room finished

  3. Thanks ladies. It does feel like we’ve been locked up for years
    This will pass and we will all bore our grandchildren with the stories of 2020
    Oh yes. The grass is always greener but is is nice to have a change now and again