Monday, February 11, 2013


As you know I lost my beautiful cat Sebastian a little while ago, and i did not know if I was going to get another cat. But after a couple of weeks I could not stay at home alone. It was just not home without a cat. So I did a search on the net and did the what kind of cat suits you test and decided I wanted a british short hair. I had seen them on the tv and improved the blue. Now that hard part. I rang breeder after breeder and only one answered her phone, that one had a kitten that was available right now if I wanted her.
I was told she was timid and that she could not go to a home with small children. That was ok with me, so I went to see her and spent over an hour with her trying to decide weather or not we could become family.
I was not sure as she did not seem to like me, but I kept trying to play with her. The other cats kept getting in the was and I suspect she was bullied by them s little.
But the breeder really wanted me to have her as she said I looked like I had the the makings of a great pet owner! She said take her home, give her a week and if you haven't bonded bring her back. So I did and about 12 hours later we were best friends as you can see from the last photo.
I'd like to say thank you to mandaburns for the blog award, and now I have fulfilled the requirement of photos of my kitty!
Have a great day everyone,
See ya


  1. what a lovely little kitty, I'm sure you'll have many happy years together,


  2. Awww sweet. Miss Pops is a timid cat too, but she loves me and tolerates other people occasionally.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Congratulations on your new kitty.

  4. Bella is such a sweet thing! Love her face!
    I think you two are a good match, the lady was right!

  5. Ooh! Especially the last picture is precious. She is such a beautiful kitten!

  6. Bella will bring you great joy I am sure, so glad the bond has formed.
    Love Leanne