Monday, February 25, 2013

A huge day

Yesterday hubby took me out and we drove to sorrento were we boarded the ferry across to queens cliff. In the first pic you can see the top deck. It was a beautiful sunny day and once the ferry got going the breeze was very nice.
The second photo shows the other ferry coming back from queens cliff and they do this every hour on the hour. A fantastic way to miss having to drive through the city.
The nest pic shows the spirit of Tasmania going back to tassie another great way to travel. I've been to tassie twice on the boat and loved it!
When we got to queens cliff we had lunch at the fish and chippery, then took the elevator to the top of an observation tower. The photo of the marina is taken from the top.
Hubby then decided we would drive home the long way and enjoyed our time together in the car.
My sister in law rang as we got home and invited us to her place for a swim and dinner so we ended up going out again. The swim was wonderful and our dinner was what we had taken out for tea, what she had decided to make for tea and some salad and baked potatoes. Best meals are those thrown together.
So today I am totally exhausted, but I don't care. It was a great day. And day spent on and in water is always a winner in my books.
See ya

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