Sunday, February 3, 2013

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Today we decided to go for a drive and see the sights. You know like you do when you go away. There is usually do many thing to see and do near home but we never go because we aren't on holidays.
So today we jumped into the car and drove off. No plans just go with the flow. We arrived in jindivick and had an early lunch at a little restaurant that cooks with food it grows on it grounds or sources from the local area. It was yummy and I had an ice tea with oranges in it!
We then keeps going and a couple of towns father on we passed a trout farm so we stopped and decided to try our luck!
It really was as easy as bait your hook, place it into the dam and pull it up. Thats how quick the trout hit. In a few minutes we had caught two each and decided to try and catch a salmon. Unfortunately they were not as easy to catch. There was one guy who said he had been trying for a while and he had only seen one guy hook one buy he lost it as he was about to land it. So we decided to catch a few more trout and just buy the salmon at the shop.
Well we took our six fish and they cleaned it for us, we also got a trout that was already smoked, didn't feel like salmon anyway. And headed home. We are now smoking our fish as we speak. I will post a photo for you in the next post.
Looking forward on trying them.
See ya


  1. Mmmm, I haven't had a fresh caught trout in years! Lucky you!

  2. I have n't gone fishing in many years! You look like you had a lot of fun!
    I have n't thought of my cleaning as a form of nesting! It is a brilliant idea! I have been nagging about never making it in time since November, and everybody thought i was crazy. I was just hormonal! Now it makes sense...