Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's a mama to do

My poor baby boy (who turns 24 in four months) was not feeling well yesterday. His father tried to sen him home but he stayed till the end of the day. So because he loves banana bread I made him some.
He was too ill to eat it, but I'm sure it will get eaten today, besides the other boys in the workshop love my cooking too!
And while I was cracking my home grown eggs I found another double yolker! one of my chickens is regularly laying them.
With all the cooking I did yesterday I feel worn out today. But it was good to be able to make yummy food for my boys to eat.
See ya


  1. I think something must be 'going around'Angela. I've been 'crook' for the last couple of weeks and have been hoping to be able to handle things without medication. Hope your son recovers quickly. They usually do when they're young. Now Petal rang fron Sydney last night to say that he was feeling sick too. Bummer .. things are hard enough for him without this! Sue

  2. Double yokers are always soo much fun to get. have you worked out which girl lays them?
    Love Leanne

  3. Wow, that looks so yummy. :) Hope your son is better now. You know they are really sick when they pass on treats.

  4. Thank you so much about your comment! It was just like a warm hug! You made me smile and gave me confidence, that i will make it!Thank you so much!
    Lots and lots of love!

  5. By the way, i have left a comment a couple of days ago here about how the double egg yolks always make me feel lucky and that i was craving banana bread now, and i now realised you never got it!
    You missed such words of wisdom!

  6. Unfortunately i am out of bananas. And even if i had, i can't do anything more for the day. My plants were A LOT of work.
    Be blessed!