Monday, June 26, 2017

Second stop


Have reached Queensland. 
Stopped in Cunnamulla and it quickly got too dark to take pics 
It's safest to not drive in the dark. We see lots of kangaroos dead on the roads. 
They feed at dust and dawn so that's when most get hit. 
Best to avoid a collision with a roo as you will not only kill them but do major damage to your vehicle 
The temp when we got here at just after five was still 20 degrees. So after setting up camp I had a lovely cool shower and now I'm wearing a skit and tshirt 
I'm hoping to get some tanned legs and arms in the nesxt few weeks 
So now we are going to have a nice dinner of BBQ meat and salad
And after cleaning up we will just relax with a drink 
See ya tomorrow for the next update 


  1. So you have been driving for two days and you are where?? Not quite in the outback yet by the looks of it.
    I just realised it is a winter time trip (duh). Guess it would be unbearable in the summer heat.
    Happy days. Glad you can let us in on it all so far!

    1. Oh yup. It's the outback but little towns along the way inbetween. Nothing for miles
      We chose this way because of th towns in between. Don't want to rough it too quick lol

  2. Happy to hear you made it to Queensland! Now is the time to soak up the warm and enjoy your time.
    Can't imagine hitting a kangaroo, must be akin to hitting a deer, I think. Yep, lots of damage. :/

    1. Oh yup. Especially if you hit a large one. They are lik body builders would totally ruin your car wouldn't be too pleasant for you or the roo either

  3. Enjoy your entire time...Coffee is on


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