Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy birthday. One more sleep

Today my sister in law, and my friend turns the big 50! 
Here we are when we were in Paris on our euro trip. 
Doesn't look a day over thirty does she. 
Happy birthday Fran. We are going part hard tonight and probably be in bed well before midnight Lol 
Frans birthday is why we are leaving on a Sunday instead of Saturday. I couldn't leave without celebrating with her 

And then I'll get home and this will be me!
We will sleep get up get ready and go! 
Off on our outback adventures 
A pret exciting weekend I think 
See ya xxx



  1. Enjoy the celebrating!
    Yay! You going to feel like getting up and leaving on your trip? Yeah, sure - I would too. Haha. Have fun!

  2. Happy birthday to you sis in law. We were born the same day about 7 years later. I know it may be the 24t there. But still same day. LOL. Have lots of fun.

  3. Enjoy the celebration Angela, and enjoy your trip!