Saturday, June 3, 2017

Theatre night

Last night I with three other friends went off to the city to see 
My fair lady 
I have to say I love the movie and so was a little apprehensive as to what they would do with this 
I was not disappointed 
I loved it 
The cast were brilliant but I have to say alf Doolittle stole the show
Reg Livermore played the part so well I'm sure he had a few before just to make him really look like he was drunk lol 
The songs wee so familiar you wanted to sing along
And the costumes were amazing 
So I would throughly recommend it. 
A late night getting home. But worth it. 
Today I have my nephews wedding. So resting now for another big day!
See ya xxxx


  1. Long time since I've seen a show! I remember the film with rex Harrison. Great music as you say and you saw it up close. I can imagine the toe tapping. Have a great day, and night? at the wedding

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