Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A rest day


Yesterday I had my hips all out back again. Only had them done on Friday and they were out again 
My wonderful myotherapist fitted me in as she knew I was going away. And wanted me to be pain free 
So today I rested and allowed them to just get used to their right place. 
I can't just not do anything so I decided I'd try my first amigurami 
Think that's how it's spelt. Anyway I decided Melody would love a mermaid. 
So I you tubed a doll and followed along for the head. But decided I didn't like the bloody. So found a pattern for the body 
And combined it with my head. Then I didn't like either of the tails. So I free styled the tail 

And pretty much free styled the rest of her as well 
I still have they eyes and mouth to embroider but she is done 
I used all left over yarn   So she is free! 
Recognise the hair?  Yup the last of that Caron cake I got as mill ends  
She's not perfect. Her bikini top is lopsided just to start you off lol 
But I'm sure Melody will love her 
So even though I rested all day. It wasn't a wasted day 
Only four more sleeps till we head off 
See ya xxx


  1. Heavens to Betsy, those hips sound painful. Hope theyre good now for your holiday.
    I am sure Melody will love the mermaid with long straight hair just like grandma lol

  2. Having a bit of that pain myself, sorry.
    I think Melody will love the doll, once she knows what a mermaid is! So cute! You are just so creative, Angela.

  3. So sorry to hear of the pain you are in. I hope they get better fast. And she is adorable. I am sure Melody will love her.

  4. Good for you Angela, and taking your mind away by focusing on creating that sweet little mermaid will allow your body to relax and benefit from the treatment.

  5. Hopefully the rest will have doon you some good Angela - things will be hectic soon enough. Once you are out on the main roads and in the fresh air sleep will come as well.
    Saw this crochet blog and thought of you - she likes Amigurumi as well. Has some free patterns to give you ideas.
    Hope things have calmed down - hopefully the rest has done you good. Life will be hectic soon enough lol
    Saw this blog and thought you might be interested. More crochet than you can imagine


  6. Lol you've got to laugh :)
    I wrote one comment wouldn't publish - or so I thought. Wrote another and there are the two of them right on top of each other :)