Friday, June 9, 2017

Bloody rabbits!

The rabbits have been feasting on my garden and digging lots of holes!
I'm not very happy. 

I was given this tray of seedlings by a friend. And I've been wanting to plant them out. But I've done my back
So they have been here waiting for almost a week. 
But seeing the garden today really upset me. So I saved one plant, I hope, and filled all the holes and I've planted two 
Punnets out. 
The pain has sent in back inside. I'm hoping to plant a few more punnets tomorrow. Hopefully with all the seedlings some will make it and grow
Kinda over the rabbits right now. Anyone for rabbit stew?
Have a good long weekend and drive safe 
See ya xxx



  1. The only bright thing about this is that your holes are ready to replant. Sorry rabbits! :(

    1. Lol. Only they were everywhere and not very evenly spaced out.

  2. Oh gosh how maddening for you. Good luck with the ones you planted out.