Sunday, June 18, 2017

Seven more sleeps

Only seven more sleeps and we leave for our big outback adventure 
Hubby is busy testing all the equipment and packing it away
Everytime I think of something I pop it in the van
The route we have decided on is through NSW and Queensland so there will be more towns and supermarkets 
This has taken a lot of the pressure off. 
We Will be able to stock up before we go into the wilderness. 
A much better way I think. 
I'll keep you posted. 
Getting close now
See ya 


  1. That sound like a wonderful adventure. I look forward to your updates. have lot of fun.

  2. It is going to be warmer there, right? Nice to be packing your stuff into the camper as you think of it and get things ready.

  3. Oh how exciting Angela, it will be a real adventure. Enjoy yourselves and I saw your reply to Grammy and will be keeping an eye out for when you're able to post. Cheers now :D)

  4. This is going to be the journey of a lifetime! You doing a great lot of dying of thirst for you or getting marooned in the wop wops and having to eat big fat bugs.
    Can't wait to see some photos!

  5. Sounds like a fun adventure - I hope you're taking along some knitting or crochet to do as well! Find a place to fit it!

  6. Sounds lovely Angela. Wish I was going with you. It has been a year since our big NT trip and I miss it so.

    Keep us posted, I would love that!