Monday, August 5, 2013

Very tired

On Saturday night we went out to dinner and a movie with my sister and brother in law. Got home around midnight and it was another half an hour waiting for the meds to kick in so I could sleep. Sunday I crashed! Today I'm still really sore and tired so I decided to just sit and work on my knitting project, it's a sock! This is what the wonderful ladies at knitting class are teaching me. I have gotten this far before and just could not get the heal so I'm hoping its easier to understand with a real life person there to assist me.
meanwhile this is my stitchery I'm working on in quilting. I'm not quite up to dragging sewing machines around so this is a good way to get back into it. It's easy to transport and very therapeutic. The girls who were in my class from the begging are reminding me how I first looked at one of these and adamantly announced that I could never finish one of these. Well I have not only finished about eight, I actually designed four of them. Yeah I know you never know what you can achieve until you try. 
And here is miss bella, you just cannot take photos without little miss princess getting in on the act.
Hope your weekend was a great one.
See ya


  1. I am loving that feline energy. What meds do you take Angela ?

    1. Hi Lisa just some mersyndol to help with the pain.

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  2. I never could see well enough to embroider, looking good there, Angela! Have you tried knitting in the round with more needles? I used 6 needles for socks and mittens, it's clumsy at first, but less chance of stretching the end knits. (or purls)
    Hello to Miss Bella!

  3. Having enough trouble with four lol I'm knitting it slightly smaller so the stretching I'll ok

  4. Love that stitchery - and the quote is exceptional. We all need flowers and freedom and definitely sunshine!!

  5. Yo are so talented. And have way more patents than me. Bella is so into every thing now.

  6. Clever girl! Love the quote. Can we see a photo of the others you have made?
    Love Leanne