Monday, August 19, 2013

A mixed day

Today did not start great, last night we could not find the two new twins and hoped we just couldn't see them in the dark. But this morning they were still missing so it looks like foxes may have got both of them.
Then I had to take Bella to the vet for her op and sure enough the vet found one ovary and one part of her uterus still intact. If she has been anywhere where a Tom could of got to her she could of Fallen pregnant.
So I just sat and knitted, my hands are too swollen to work on the socks, so I worked on this jacket for a baby girl. My knitting class knits for babies and sends then to the hospitals. So this will go into the parcel which I think is going to the royal children's hospital in Melbourne. 
I hope they like it it's very colourful. I really liked the wool.
So now I'm waiting for 4.30 so I can go and pick Bella up  from the vet and bring her home.
See ya


  1. Give Bella a pat from us. Miss Pops had her op, and was as happy as larry the next day.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. That's almost negligence on the vets part Angela - was it done in the same clinic ( hopefully not by the same vet)!
    Not good news about the lambs - bet the ewes are calling for them

  3. Me again - forgot to ask where the pattern came from and is it available to anyone?

    1. Hello cathy, I got the pattern from another blog. I think it was soul mama. I'll get it up here for you if you like. I just got to. Figure out if I can condense it. Give me a few days xxx