Sunday, August 25, 2013

The simple things

It's the simple pleasures that mean the most to me. Home made soup on a cold winter day,
Home made jam using gifted produce.
fresh bread straight from the oven, really is there a better smell.
and the unconditional love of our fur babies, without which I really don't know how I would make it through some days.
It's been a strange week, very tired and very sore, yet I pushed myself and saw a glimmer of that person who used to live here.
Was it worth it? I'm not sure but getting all I achieved done this week it couldn't of been all bad.
Hope your enjoying your weekend
See ya


  1. I've just found my mojo too. Hopefully it will stay around for a while so I can get something done around here this week. I have a list in the making. Sue

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  3. Glad you had a good week. Hope Miss Bella gives you lots of snuggles.

    julie and Poppy Q