Friday, August 30, 2013

The Crone

You always have such good advice, you have a great way of looking at things,it make sense now that you have explained it that way.
These are the things that people have always said to me. Even at a young age I was always the one that looked after all my friends. Even having to deal with the cops when a friend had run away from home and her parent were so worried about her. It was me that made the decision to show the police her diary, which she had left in my locker. Thus finding her before she was hurt.
To me the crone is the wise head, either on young shoulders or older ones.
You know these people by looking into their eyes, being a Capricorn I have always been far older than my years.
It's life, having to deal with pain and loss at a young age. It's having to see the anger and abuse that humans can inflict on one another made so much worse because these people are the ones that profess to love and care for you.
But is also really knowing the blessings in your life.
It's marrying your best friend, one that you not only feel the Hollywood love for but one you know is a friend  who has the same goals as you do. That once that Hollywood love is gone something deeper and more profound develops.
It's having babies and seeing them grow. It's seeing the look of delight on their faces when they tast banana for the first time, the look of wonder when they first see a butterfly.
It's watching them become young adults and start their own lives.
This I think it the power of the crone.
I was never the maid, not really. I embraced the mother, but I am and always was the crone.
And I love it!

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  1. That is a beautiful way of looking at it. Wisdom is a blessing. I am thankful for it too. Just wish i had advice for myself at an early age. Trial and error is not so easy. But too we gain more wisdom from it. Hug to you.