Saturday, May 24, 2014

Busy caterday

It's been a very busy day today. Lots of people have been in and out. Visiting children, visiting children's friends. And even mummy and daddy's friends. 
Stuff being moved out of the house into a big thing parked outside which I'm dying to see but ofcaurse  I'm not allowed to go outside.
Mummy hasn't sat with me all day. She has been very busy.
But now she is under a blanket working on her crochet squares and I can finally snuggle and have a sleep.
Don't like it when there are too many people but I was brave and said hello to them all.
But now it's just me and mummy. Just as I like it. 
Have a great weekend

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  1. Can see you're definitely in your favourite spot Bella. Can hear your purrs from here :D)