Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crafting along

I've been busy crafting after doing my back making the bed up after washing the sheets.
Here is another infinity scarf. The last one for a while. It's for the older sister of the two nieces I'm going away with. They wanted them after I made their mum one so as they all have the same to wear while I. Europe 
A baby blankie for our youngest worker, can't believe bubs is due in three weeks!
I have finished this now and along with a few bits and bobs is ready for its owner to arrive!
Going back to the original flowers I started. I used the wrong pink for the centres that's why I made the other blanket. I have 120 of these ready for the final round of double crochets to turn the rounds into squares. 
And this morning after seeing a project on Pinterest I have been using up my odds and ends making these little granny squares. I have three more of the solid colour ones to make and then I'm reqdy to join them up. Any ideas what they will be?
That's for another post. 
Enjoy your Sunday. 
See ya


  1. Wow! you've been busy. They are all beautiful too.

    1. Tanks Grammy. I have since finished the mystery project. I'll post about it tomorrow stay tuned