Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The latest toy

Here is the latest and last camper trailer. As hubby is going alone. He needed something he. Ould put up himself. I picked this as I would be happy to spend the weekend in this. But not much longer lol
So here are the 360deg photos of the inside. To erect all you do is undo the clips holding the roof down and wind it up. That's it oh yeah and put the door in a two minute job. Then it's sit and relax. It has reverse cycle heating and aircon if you are able to plug into powe but the rest is three was. It even has a hot water system and an outdoor shower!

So what do you think. It's perfect for two. And if your only going away for a few days I think it's purrfect. Any longer and I'm taking  the big van. 
Call me a princess but at my age and chronic pain levels I need my creature comforts. 
So hubby will leave in two weeks for his big adventure up north. I hope he has fun, catches lots of barra and no crocs get him 
See ya


  1. Cor! would love one of these! I can't do regular type camping any more either!

  2. Looks really good. Your hubby will be very comfy for his trip :D)

  3. That is very nice. So happy for ya! A camping we will go. Acamping we will go. Hi Ho a dariO. :) Sorry had to do that. LOL Enjoy.