Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finally autumn

The leaves have finally turned and have fallen. Winter is coming. We have had very mild weather and even the flora is confused.
Missed the colours, was worried it wasn't going to happen this year.
How the weather at your place, normal or abnormal for this time of year?
See ya


  1. Wow, beautiful! So happy to see you do have fall colors. Red has been missing for a while here. Most of the trees of that color were damaged the most from weather. Is that purple?

  2. The weather was abnormally cold for this time of the year! It is almost June and we still have our heavy blanket for the nights! Other years we were laying on the beaches by now!

  3. Is that you yard. It looks beautiful . I wish I had that much space to play with. I have a large liquid amber tree on the back fence that is changing colour now too. But those bobbles that it drops are hard on the feet arent they :)

  4. It does sound as if Mother Earth is continuing with the senility problem she had with our last autumn/winter/spring. Beautiful leaves - looks like out sweetgum trees.

  5. Gorgeous Autumn colours and, yes, in SE Gippsland it's so much milder than usual for this time of year. Extra doona on - then off - still off :D)

  6. We are having a super mild autumn too. It is very odd to be able to have the doors wide open and dry washing outside in May. Normally Anzac day is super frosty in the morning, and you are hunting for gloves.

    Julie Q