Monday, December 21, 2015

Hay bale gardening

Well we survived the heat wave and the hottest December night on record. 
Last week I planted these pumpkins in a home green haybale and they survived the heat as well. They have even grown a little. So encouraged we decided to plant another haybale garden 
Yesterday after the heat broke and we got rain we did this. 
Yup while it was raining. What a wonderful thing to do. Garden in the rain after days of scorching heat. 
We received these snap peas from a friend and have planted them here hopefully we get a great crop. 
The weather is much cooler today so I'll get lots done before the temps climb again by the end of the week. 
Only four more sleeps till Christmas Day. Oh my. A busy week this will be
See ya xx


  1. I can see that it works - I wish I was young enough to try that this spring. Sigh. I seem to live through all my blog acquaintances.
    Yep, Christmas is nearly upon us! May yours be the best!

    1. It's ok. You can live though me. I'll be honoured. Just wish we were closer than I could share Have a great Christmas too xx

  2. Oh that is so pretty. I have never seen anything like this!!