Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We were gifted a bag of red onions a lot of them. So what do I do with them. We cannot eat them all before they are no good so I decided to use them and make a base that will be used during the winter 
I also had a couple of capsicums and some zuccini and a heap of tomatoes so I cut them all up and I've cooked them down. 
This will be put into containers and frozen. It's great for using in the slow cooker. Or adding to mince meat for a fabulous spaghettini sauce
Every year it's different depending on what I have planted and what has produced heaps. 
A little way of preserving the summer to enjoy during the winter. You can alway taste the sunshine.
One of the easiest ways to stop wastage
How do you deal with an abundance?
See ya 


  1. I generally freeze anything in abundance - wish I had some of your onions. I could go for a bunch of fried onions on a burger about now. A friend of mine dices onions and freezes little packets for cooking stews, soups and sauces.

    1. Now that's a great idea. I might have to chop some up and freeze them. Thanks xx